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Get documents to plan the future.

Get help with making a will and planning for the future

Get the documents you need for before and after you die.

MyLawBC can help you make a simple will that says what you want to happen after you die. You'll get a downloadable action plan with a will you can fill out and print. If your situation is complicated, you can't make a will with MyLawBC but your action plan will give you information about what you need in your will and where to get help.

You can also plan for a time when you can't act for yourself. You'll get an downloadable PDF action plan about documents you'll need to arrange for future decision making about financial, legal, and health and personal care matters.

You might not be able to make a will with MyLawBC. See What MyLawBC doesn't cover (PDF) for more.

Find out more about making your will with MyLawBC.